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BaMI works as a mutual hub and offers networks to those who are willing to work with their talent,support with financial help, and join in intercessory prayer, and connect them to domestic and international regions where help is needed.
BaMI는 재능의 손길을 주실 분, 재정으로 후원하실 분, 중보기도로 함께하실 분들이 국내,외 도움을 필요로 하는 곳으로 연결될 수 있도록 네트워크를 제공하고 허브 역할을 감당합니다.
Christian Community Complex, CANADA Seattle World Mission Tower, USA Haiti National Territorial  Master Plan,  HAITI 브라질 (2008) 가봉 (2004) KUMI University Master Plan Draft, UGANDA Children Hostel Development Plan, Pakistan Almaty Welfare Center, Kasakhstan Springs of Salvation Church Remodeling, Mongolia YUST Summer Design Camp PUST Culture Sports Complex Plan Modo Methodist Church, South Korea Life University Master Plan Kabankalan Vision Center Master Plan, Philippines Temporary Aid Facility for Aceh Region after Indonesia Tsunami, Indonesia Myanmar Baptist Seminary UN Millennium Project Master Plan, MALAWI Short-term Missions, Uzbekistan Ottawa Christian Cultural Complex, CANADA 
국제전문인도시건축봉사단 BAMI (Builders As a Mission International)   대표:천근우   고유번호:110-82-70610
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