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Through "Looking After Others", land development and urban planning, and disaster relief, BaMI works in places where it’s hard to reach out, to improve the regions with professional skill and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
BaMI는 이웃돌아보기, 국토개발 및 도시계획, 재난구호 사역을 통해 손길이 닫지 않는 곳을 찾아가 각자의 전문 기술로 지역을 발전과 복음전파를 위해 동역합니다.
国际建筑志愿团(BaMI) 致力于通过对一般组织难以进入或容易被疏忽的地域进行 "关心我的邻里", 国土开发和城市规划, 灾后救助等, 来促进该地域的发展和福音的传播。
Site :
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Lot Area : 4,000㎡
Total floor Area : 8,868.8㎡
Building Area: 3,375.9㎡
Structure : Reinforced concrete, steel encased reinforced concrete (service hall)
Floors: 2 basement floors, 6 ground floors
Floors: 2 basement floors, 6 ground floors
Date :
Site visit: July 2004
Proposal fabrication period: August – November 2004
Cost: US 15,000 dollars
Project Scope
The population of Kazakhstan is approximately 1 million that includes 100,000 Korean Diasporas (Korean-Kazakhstanis), and majority takes Islam as their religion. Despite the high Islamic population, Kazakhstan is comparatively free for missionary works.

During the summer of 2004, BaMI was able to visit Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan for a ‘Missionary Conference’ and was also given the opportunity to examine the site prepared for the construction of a ‘Missionary Home.’

BaMI fabricated an architectural proposal for the given site. The proposal was developed in order to build a ‘Missionary Home’ that can work as a base camp for Middle Eastern Mission works and also a facility that provides rest, restoration, and training for missionaries. We envision this center to be an educational and cultural space for locals and to reach out to them with the good news of God.

‘Almaty Missionary Home’ is designed to have 2 basement levels and 6 ground levels with the use of reinforced concrete and steel encased reinforced concrete for structural elements. Outer walls were design to use materials such as glass curtain walls and exposed color concrete walls. Through this architectural proposal, fund raising movement was able to bloom in the mission field of Almaty, Kazahkstan.
Participant List or Project Team
Collaborated with

New Jersey First United Methodist Church
Ye-Cheon Architects Co., Ltd.
Site :
카자흐스탄 알마티
대지면적 : 4,000㎡
연 면 적 : 8,868.8㎡
건축면적 : 3,375.9㎡
구 조 : 철근콘크리트조, 철골철근콘크리트(service hall)
규 모 : 지하2층, 지상6층
주요마감 : 유리커튼월, 칼라노출콘크리트
Date :
2004. 7.현장방문
2004. 8.-11. 계획안 제작
Cost :
Project Scope
카자흐스탄은 인구 100만, 고려인 10만인 나라로서, 이슬람교가 주류로 이루고 있지만 비교적 선교가 자유로운 곳 입니다. 2004년 7월 우즈베키스탄과 카자흐스탄을 선교집회차 방문하여 현지 선교센타를 답사 하였습니다. 중앙 아시아 선교의 베이스캠프 로써, 선교사를 위한 휴양, 재충전, 연수시설 로서의 기능을 갖춘 건축물로 카자흐스탄 현지인에게 복음전파, 교육 및 문화복지공간을 고려하여
계획하였습니다. 알마티 선교센터는 지하2층, 지상6층 철근콘크리트 및 철골철근콘크리트 (일부)구조로 외부마감은 유리커튼월과 칼라노출콘크리트로 계획되어 전달하였으며, 이 계획안을 통하여, 선교지의 비전과 모금활동을 시작될 수 있었습니다
Participant List or Project Team
협력 뉴저지 제일감리교회, 예천건축
KAZAKHSTAN_알마티미셔너리홈 [file-download]
KAZAKHSTAN_알마티미셔너리홈 스케치 [file-download]
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